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Media Release - Monday, January 13, 2014 -

Today Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Kevin Doherty announced a renewed lottery agreement, which guarantees that sport, culture and recreation organizations will continue to receive and benefit from Saskatchewan Lotteries proceeds over the next five years.

The agreement will be renewed until March 31, 2019.

“Sport, culture and recreation is one of the most powerful tools this province has in enhancing the quality of life of our children and families,” Doherty said. “We have a strong system and great partners that ensure the lottery proceeds benefit our children through healthy activities that teach them lifelong social and leadership skills. That’s why it was essential for us to renew the lottery agreement—to benefit the families and future leaders of our growing province.”

Saskatchewan lottery proceeds benefit more than 12,000 volunteer-run groups that deliver services to communities across the province. More than 500,000 registered members, both individuals and organizational members, are represented by Sask Sport, SaskCulture and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.

The proceeds are administered through the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund by Sask Sport, SaskCulture and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.

“We strongly support a five-year agreement,” Sask Sport President Shane Reoch said. “It allows us to plan and invest in multi-year programs and events. A long-term agreement is also crucial for organizations that are bidding to host national and international tournaments.  We thank the Government of Saskatchewan for renewing this agreement.”

 “We appreciate the Government of Saskatchewan’s commitment to this new lottery agreement,” SaskCulture President James Ingold said. “Lottery-funded organizations help communities access, embrace and celebrate the province’s cultural diversity, contributing to the growth of inclusive and engaged communities where Saskatchewan people can live, work and play.”

 “A five-year agreement certainly gives our organization funding stability and the capacity to support our member organizations in sustaining quality parks and recreation programs and services,” Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation President Mike Powell said. “With the government’s support we can continue to provide leaders for safe play experiences, maintain quality recreation facilities and keep people fit and active—enhancing a vibrant quality of life in our province.” 

In 2009, the lottery license fee was lowered to 3.75 per cent, which combined with increased sales, improved efficiencies and the hard work of dedicated volunteers, has resulted in over $8 million more being directed to the sport, culture and recreation sectors so far. This lower license fee will remain in place until 2019.

For the year ending March 31, 2013, over $53 million from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund was distributed to sport, culture and recreation organizations in the province.

For more information, contact:

Chelsea Coupal
Government of Saskatchewan
Communications Consultant
Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport
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Regina, Canada S4S 5W6
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