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About DIRECTION magazine
DIRECTION is the official magazine of the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA). Each issue of DIRECTION is developed around a specific theme of interest to the parks, recreation and facilities sectors and focuses on issue-based cover stories and feature articles. DIRECTION is distributed quarterly in September, December, March and June. Over 1,500 copies of each issue of DIRECTION are printed and distributed to organizations and members across the Province.

Upcoming Issue Themes

Summer 2018 – Risk Management for Parks and Recreation

This edition of DIRECTION will discuss risk management for parks and recreation. Risk management provides a method for offering quality leisure experiences with maximum protection for participants and adequate safeguards under the law for leaders, administrators, and organizations offering recreation and parks services.

If you are interested in submitting an article on the topic, please contact Lori Ross, SPRA Consultant – Communications, by phone at (306) 780-9370, or by email at, to review your submission to ensure it complements this issue’s theme.

Regular Columns: 400 – 600 words
Feature Articles: 600 – 1,200 words

Submission of Articles
Submit your written contributions as a Microsoft Word document to Lori Ross, SPRA Consultant – Communications, by email at

Photographs are requested for all articles. Photo requirements are as follows:
- Submit photos in colour
- Minimum 300 dots per inch (DPI) and should be a minimum size of 3 inches square
- Please grant permission in writing for SPRA to use the photo by completing an SPRA
Photo Release Form.

As the author, please include your full name, job title, relevant education and an address or phone number for readers to contact you for additional information.

SPRA reserves the right to grant reprint rights for stories and articles first published in DIRECTION magazine. These rights to reprint will be readily granted on the condition that a credit line, acknowledging DIRECTION as the source, is included.
Since SPRA is a provincial non-profit organization, we cannot pay for articles, stories or photos that are published. All contributions are subject to review. SPRA reserves the right to return, revise or refuse contributions at the discretion of SPRA and the editor.

Submission of Commercial Member Ads
As part of their membership, Commercial Members receive a free full-colour ad in each issue of DIRECTION.

Ad specifications are as follows:
Size: 4.65 inches high by 3.55 inches wide
Colour: Full-colour
File type: Submit ads as image or PDF files
Do not submit ads in Microsoft Word or other word processing formats
Photos: Ensure photos in ads have a resolution of no less than 300 DPI
This is the minimum required for commercial printing purposes

Submission Deadline
1st of the month prior to distribution
March edition: February 1, 2017
June edition: May 1, 2017
September edition: August 1, 2017
December edition: November 1, 2017

Submit articles to:
Lori Ross (Editor)
SPRA Consultant – Communications
Phone: (306) 780-9370

DIRECTION is owned and copyrighted by SPRA.