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Get Up, Get Out, Get Going, Get Active

We recognize the many benefits associated with physical activity, not only for the health and well-being of our people but in building capacity within our communities.  By enhancing the quality of life in Saskatchewan we look to contribute to a National Vision for a “physically active lifestyle which defines Canada and strengthens the health and social fabric of our country” (Active Canada 20/20).

Only 15% of Canadian Adults are active enough to meet the 150 minutes of physical activity per week

Only 7% of children and youth are meeting the daily physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes per day

People who take part in regular physical activity show:

  • Improved fitness
  • Healthy Body weight maintenance
  • Improved functional ability
  • Reduced absences form work and school
  • Reduced risk of disease and illness
  • Improved mood state and behaviour

Opportunities exist, to have the recreation sector play a stronger role in developing physical activity opportunities within our communities. Acknowledging that we have a vital role to play in developing active healthy communities, SPRA has developed a number of strategies that will look to more actively engage our network in the physical activity movement.

To read our NEW reports please click on the title

Physical Activity Recreation Engagement Strategy (PARES) Framework 2012: Identifies the benefits of physical activity for our communities and provides an overview of current literature that support the need to have recreation play a greater role in the physical activity movement. The report outlines some of the challenges facing the recreation field in Saskatchewan from more actively engaging in the provision and development of physical activity opportunities and identifies areas for further collaboration between municipalities, communities, partners and stakeholders.

SPRA Priorities for Action Supplement to PARES Framework 2012: SPRA has identified key areas that we can provide support and leadership through advocacy; facilitation and education for our members; partners and stakeholders to more actively engage in the physical activity movement.

For more information on how to get children and youth active After-School click here.

Coming Soon – new Physical Activity resources and information for practitioners

For further information on Physical Activity please contact:

Wendy McKellar
Consultant – Physical Activity and Fitness
Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association
100-1445 Park Street
Regina, SK, S4N 4C5
Phone: (306) 780-9470
Toll Free: 1-800-563-2555