Perfect Picnic

Many of us have come across one of those days where you look outside to see the perfect opportunity to have a picnic. That is until you go outside and actually have a picnic…Wet blankets, bugs in your drinks, the hassle of packing up a million different containers and dishes. What was once a wonderful idea becomes a mess…

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Below is a quick list of some easy picnic hacks to make your picnic, well, perfect!

1. Poke a hole in a cupcake case, put a straw through it, and then cover the top of your cup to keep insects out! Anchor the case over the drink with an elastic band for an extra seal.

2. Pump things up with some music and make your own speaker by putting your phone or I-pod in a cup.

3. Combat all of those dishes by serving condiments and small snacks in a muffin tin. You can pack way more in just one dish!

4. Tired of sitting on a damp blanket? Bring an old shower curtain to put underneath the blanket as a barrier from moisture.

5. Freeze bottles of water and use them as ice packs instead of buying bags of ice. This will save you some mess and leave you with a refreshing drink when it’s melted!