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Connecting with Your Community

Field Consultants are a Reference and a Resource for Communities and Members

With office locations across the province, our Field Consultants can assist you and your community in the areas of:

  • Volunteer and Board Support
  • Communication and Information Sharing
  • Recreation Environments – Facilities
  • Funding and Resources
  • Physical Activity

How Can We Help?

SPRA Field Consultants can:

  • Assist communities in assessing their needs
  • Provide information on SPRA funding, programs and resources
  • Identify linkages to other sources of funding and revenue generation
  • Assist with networking, collaborations and partnerships
  • Support advocacy of parks and recreation

Making a Difference in Your Community

“I really enjoyed having the personal visit with our SPRA Field Consultant, their enthusiasm for Recre­ation has re-energized me and has sparked a renewed interest in looking at programs that could benefit our community!”

“[Our Field Consultant] has created and succeeded with the opportunity to unify many of us recreation directors. Before he was a Field Consultant, we were not the tight knit group of resources we are today.”

Connect with a SPRA Field Consultant near you!

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