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Students Get Moving with the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge Grant

On November 29, 2015 Hugh Cairns V.C. School will host a physical activity and fitness event called Family Fitness Fun.  Supported by the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge Grant, this event showcases new and exciting activities that students and their families in attendance may not have the opportunity to try otherwise.  Participants will have the opportunity to choose to do three of four different fitness sessions in Zumba, hip hop dance, yoga and CrossFit. 

According to Daryl Lesyshyn, the organizing teacher, the goal of the event is “to allow families an opportunity to try new activities/equipment they may not have had a chance to do on their own.  To show parents some of the activities I do with their children during our Physical Education classes. To provide an opportunity for families to have some quality family time together. To promote a positive community activity within our school.”  

Lesyshyn hopes to have up to 80 individuals involved.  He wants to showcase the great work they are doing in physical education class and new alternatives.  He hopes that this will motivate students and their families to be active throughout their lives.  

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) is the Provincial Coordinator of the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge and is proud to support registered Community Organizations in the delivery of their events/program.   “It’s great to see the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge at work reducing barriers to teens to get active,” says Desirea Weninger, SPRA Youth Engagement Consultant for the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA). “Hugh Cairns V.C. school has applied for funding in the past and had great success with their events, highly motivated individuals like Daryl Lesyshyn can utilize opportunities such as the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge to enhance the lives of the students they work with.”


The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) is the recognized leader for the wellbeing of people and communities through recreation. We provide leadership, facilitation, programs and services to enhance the impact of recreation for the quality of life in Saskatchewan.

ParticipACTION is Canada’s premier physical activity brand, they help Canadians sit less and move more through thought leadership and innovative engagement initiatives.  One such initiative is the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge.  Sponsored by Coca-Cola Canada, the Teen Challenge breaks down the barriers that prevent teens from getting active by providing grants of up to $500 for ongoing events and $250 for one-time events. 

Event Details

The event will run from 1:30-3:30 on Sunday, November 29, 2015 at Hugh Cairns V.C. School located at 2621 Cairns Avenue, Saskatoon. 

For more information about the event please contact Desirea Weninger, Consultant – Youth Engagement, at (306) 780-9219 or