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The City of Estevan will play host for the 2020 Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Conference, which is being held on October 21-24 at Affinity Place and other locations throughout the city.

Each year SPRA gathers individuals working in the recreation field in a different Saskatchewan location for its annual Conference and General Meeting. SPRA will be inviting people who live and work all over the province to congregate in Estevan to learn about the latest trends and issues in Parks and Recreation. The aim, to provide Education, Networking and Energy Building to Parks and Recreation professionals in the hopes that it will inspire an increase in the quality of life in Saskatchewan.

Erin Wilson, Program Manager and Committee Chair, explains,

“This is a great opportunity for Estevan to show off some of our facilities and what we have accomplished in our area over the years. We last hosted the conference in 2007, and a lot has changed since then. We will be bringing in speakers to share messages to inspire and motivate us, and though our focus is recreation, parks and culture, these speakers will be available to our community members as well.”

“Our conference has over 75 years of history, and we are excited to partner with the City of Estevan for our 2020 event,” Todd Shafer, SPRA Chief Executive Officer adds. “As we come together to learn, connect and celebrate excellence, we build on the energy of the City of Estevan, Saskatchewan’s Recreation Community, and the momentum of the Framework for Recreation in Canada.”

For more information, check out their Media Release and we hope to see you in Estevan!