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Without attention to maintenance and upgrades to our recreation facilities, Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada stand to lose its infrastructure legacy for future generations. 

As Canadians head to the polls for the federal election on October 21, we encourage you to be the voice for recreation in your community.  

Here are some key points about Canada's recreation infrastructure that you should consider when cast your vote: 

  • High quality, accessible recreation opportunities are essential to healthy, productive and contributing individuals and communities

  • Research demonstrates that amongst all categories, sport and recreation infrastructure faces the most immediate and critical need for repair and refurbishment. Yet, when tough decisions need to be made by municipalities on infrastructure priorities, sport and recreation projects are often trumped by other commitments. 

  • The estimated costs to repair existing sport and recreation facilities is over $16 billion, not including required funding for new sport and recreation infrastructure for the growing, aging and diversifying population. 

  • In the 2017 federal budget, $1.3 billion was committed to a dedicated funding envelope for recreation and culture infrastructure. This is an excellent starting point, but the needs far outstrip the available funding. In addition, the distribution of these funds have lacked clarity and timeliness. 

  • Significantly increasing the funding in this dedicated envelope and delivering the funds via the Gas Tax Fund would ensure support to municipalities in the form of direct and reliable funding. 

More engagement tips, key messages and templates are available through the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association to help you champion these vital community assets with your local election candidates.

Together, we can work towards the continued investment in recreation infrastructure and the health and wellbeing of our communities.  

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