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We are excited to announce some new changes taking place within our team at the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA).   

Randy Durovick will be taking on a new role as Special Projects Manager within SPRA for a two-year period, focused on the exploration and development of mixed revenue opportunities for SPRA and the recreation community in Saskatchewan. This two-year project supports the continued growth of our organization and our province’s parks and recreation sector. With over 25 years in the recreation industry, Randy’s experience will be essential in strengthening existing relationships and creating inroads with others who share our vision of a Saskatchewan where everyone has opportunities to enjoy recreation and feel more connected to nature, our communities and ourselves. Randy is motivated by his desire to ensure that his kids, grandchildren and their children will continue to enjoy the benefits of a strong parks and recreation system in this province.

If you would like to know more about his work with SPRA, you can reach Randy at   

With Randy moving into his new role as Special Projects Manager, Kerry Bailey is stepping into a leadership role as the new Field Services Manager. She will be responsible for the direction and supervision of our team of Field Consultants spread throughout the province for the next two (2) years. Leaning on her eight (8) years of experience as a Field Consultant within SPRA, combined with her knowledge and familiarity with both rural and northern realities in this province, Kerry will ensure that the support provided by our Field Team will continue to evolve to meet changing opportunities and challenges ahead. With a background in both elite sport and rural life, Kerry understands what makes a strong team work together, and knows what is at the core of the great quality of life we have in Saskatchewan. Kerry’s community-first approach is certain to influence both what and how SPRA does business in the future. 

Kerry is based out of the SPRA office in Dinsmore, Saskatchewan, and can be reached at