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We offer adult education programs for parks and recreation practitioners and volunteers, facilitated by experienced industry professionals. Our education programs are subject to a continuous improvement process to keep the content relevant and up-to-date with industries best practices.

We offer a range of in-person and virtual programs. Our in-person events happen throughout the province to make attending them more convenient.

Training Opportunities

SPRA offers the following range of in-person and virtual programs. Our in-person events happen throughout the province to make attending them more convenient.

For upcoming events, please view our Events Calendar.

Arena Operator Level 1 Course (2 Day Course )

This course is offered in two streams – Ice Making and Ice Maintenance. A number of courses are offered at the start of each winter season during August, September and October. Participants learn about proper ice making and maintenance techniques used in NHL rinks.

Arena Operator Level 2 Course (5 Day Course) 

This intensive course will provide the essential refrigeration theory to give participants an overview of modern industrial refrigeration systems. Participants are prepared to take the provincial Refrigeration Operator exam at the end of the week. SPRA administers registering the participants with Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK). The cost of the exam is included with the course fee. This course has historically been a regular offering at the annual SPRA Spring Symposium in April.

Ball Diamond and Sportsfield Maintenance Course (1 Day Course)

The proper care of ball diamonds and sportsfields are becoming more technical as user expectations increase. Facility Operators must understand the relationships between design, construction and maintenance. This 1-day course is broken down into class room discussion in the morning, followed by a practical hands-on training approach in the afternoon. Most courses are offered in May to coincide with the opening of outdoor recreation facilities.

Building Maintenance Level 1 (2 Day Course)

This course is specifically designed as an introductory course for new Facility Operators (One to five years of experience), or as a refresher. A number of topics are covered over the two days. This course is a must have to understand how recreation buildings “live and breathe”. 

Building Maintenance Level 2 (2 Day Course)

This is an advanced course for older Facility Operators (more than five years of experience). Course topics are explored in greater deal with a practical approach to problem solving and preventative maintenance.

Facility Management Module 1: Health and Safety (1 Day Course)

Module 1 focuses on knowing your responsibilities under Health and Safety regulations. This course is specifically geared to the recreation environment. This course will benefit the newest to the most seasoned health and safety practitioner.

Facility Management Module 2: HR and Leadership (1 Day Course)

Module 2 addresses general HR practices and delves into leadership styles. Recruiting and retaining human capital is a difficult challenge in the recreation industry. Success starts with positive leadership.

Facility Management Module 3: Asset Management (1 Day Course)

Recreation practitioners and volunteers are stewards for municipal infrastructure. Knowing how to manage these assets is key to get the best long term value from them. This course covers the theory of Asset Management and provides a spreadsheet tool that can be used to start the process for any size community.

Virtual Training Opportunities

We offer a range of online training opportunities. View our Events Calendar for more information.

Watch Online

Watch some of our past webinars and trainining opportunities for free on our YouTube Channel. Click on the video link below and check out the "Facilities and Training" playlist for more.

Host a Training Course in Your Community

There are a number of benefits of hosting a SPRA training event. These benefits include:

  • The training and education courses are designed to develop the skills of Facility Operators resulting in benefits to the facility and its community.

  • Your community will benefit from competent, knowledgeable facility operators that will ensure safe and efficient recreation facility.

  • Managers will benefit from a well-informed staff that are trained and educated in the industry.

  • Potential cost savings with reduced travel, meals and accommodations.

More Information

Please contact the Facilities and Training Consultant if your community is interested in hosting a training event, or you would like more information on education programs.

Tim Hanna – Consultant
Facilities and Training

(306) 604-9449


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