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The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) and the Saskatchewan Association for Community Education (SACE) are collaborating to enhance youth leadership in the Province. 

This project will see recreation programs such as Take the Lead!, HIGH FIVE, Play Leadership and Youth Fitness Leadership offered as a continuum for Community Education directed towards youth.  Community Education is defined as “schools and communities working together, utilizing their common resources to promote learning and citizenship building.”

Optimally, youth will be better equipped with the tools, resources and knowledge to: increase positive and decrease negative behavior, improve their student success, increase their employability as adults and improve overall well-being (National Recreation and Park Association, 2010).  Providing youth with positive leadership opportunities at a young age will increase their potential for volunteerism, thus contributing to the overall wellbeing of their community (Mclaughlin, 2000).

Further, the Ministry of Education in Saskatchewan supports the Comprehensive School Community Health Approach which is a leading model for education internationally.  One of the proponents of this model is Community Engagement, and another is Safe and Healthy Physical and Social Environments.  Through this project schools will enact Community Engagement, and the programs (HIGH FIVE, Play Leadership, Take the Lead!, Youth Fitness Leadership) are useful in creating the Safe and Healthy Physical and Social Environments. 

If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, please complete the survey found here:

Become a HIGH FIVE Trainer for FREE with the YCER Project!

SPRA is striving to provide HIGH FIVE training to youth ages 16+ by providing the opportunity for five (5) individuals able to work with the education sector to become HIGH FIVE Trainers at no cost. 

This initiative is for those able to work with the education sector and are interested in attaining their HIGH FIVE Trainer designation so that they can facilitate PHCD to youth ages 16+ in the education sector.

Successful Applicants will receive:

  • Registration fee of $40.00 for HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) workshop provided by SPRA.
  • Registration fee of $85.00 for HIGH FIVE QUEST 2 workshop provided by SPRA.
  • Registration fee of $629.00 for HIGH FIVE Trainer course provided by SPRA.
  • Mileage to attend all of the required trainings.
  • Manuals for youth ages 16+ to become certified in HIGH FIVE PHCD in April-June 2018 provided at no cost.  Manuals are $40.00 each for Registered Organizations and $50.00 each for Non-Registered organizations.
  • Connection with a certified HIGH FIVE Trainer to co-facilitate the applicants’ first PHCD workshop at no cost.  The certified HIGH FIVE Trainer typically invoices the host site a $300.00 facilitation fee and any mileage incurred.  SPRA will provide this.
  • The option to facilitate HIGH FIVE PHCD and QUEST 2 workshops provincially on a contract basis of $300.00 per workshop.
  • The ability to provide students with a National Certification that will increase their chances of becoming employed. Further, the ability to provide youth ages 16+ with the knowledge and skills to be better equipped for interaction with children during sports and recreation programming. 
  • Recognition as involved with the national standard as a HIGH FIVE Trainer.

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