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Communities in Bloom Judges

Annually, SPRA looks for energetic individuals interested in contributing their expertise to the Communities in Bloom program. Judges are needed to visit communities across Saskatchewan. Their role is to assist in acknowledging communities' participation in initiatives involving heritage preservation, environmental awareness, tidiness, community involvement, floral displays, turf and open space management, landscaping, and urban forestry.

Interested participants are provided with an orientation related to the evaluation criteria and have the opportunity to visit some of Saskatchewan's most diverse and exciting communities.

This year's provincial judges are:


Arlene Janzen - White City, SK 

Bonny Lundberg - Saskatoon, SK 

Brenda Winny - Rosetown, SK

Cathy Joyner - Regina Beach, SK

Donna Hall - Buena Vista, SK 

Geri Kreway - Ituna, SK

Gwen Johner - Indian Head, SK

Irene Pisula - Regina, SK 

Kathleen Sproat Mickelson - Saskatoon, SK

Krista Durand - Buena Vista, SK

Roger Nordick - Humboldt, SK 

Sheila Nordick - Humboldt, SK

Marion Kelly (Alternate) - Unity, SK


A big thank you goes out to all present and past Communities in Bloom Judges. It is through the judges dedication and hard work that the Communities in Bloom program continues to be a success.

If you are interested in becoming a Communities in Bloom Provincial Judge please contact Andrew Exelby at (306)780-9262 or 1-800-563-2555 email:

Registration to participate as a Judge should be submitted by March 15 each year however, those interested may contact the SPRA office at any time.