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The Recreation Board Development process is a joint initiative between the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) and the Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts.  Together, SPRA Field Consultants and District Staff will act as the facilitation team.  The facilitation team can assist a community in working through the board development process, with an end goal of developing or re-establishing their Recreation Board. 

Working with the facilitation team, communities:

  • Are provided an in depth view of options and practices pertaining to organizational structures of recreation at the municipal level in rural Saskatchewan.
  • Will be informed about the relationship between the municipality and the Recreation Board and how the Municipalities Act affects that relationship.
  • For those Recreation Boards that are not directly connected to the Municipalities Act, the facilitation team can inform Recreation Boards about the Acts that do relate to them such as the Regional Park Act or the Northern Municipalities Act.
  • Will understand the operations of the Provincial Sport, Culture, and Recreation Delivery System, and the organizations within.

To help with this process, SPRA has developed a Provincial Recreation Board Development Manual that the facilitation team can use as a resource when providing support to the community.  The Manual has information on several topics including:

  • The relationship between the municipality and the Recreation Board;
  • How to create mission, vision, value statements and bylaws;
  • Recreation Board Service Models;
  • Policy and procedures and information about the National Recreation Framework, and more.

The Ministry of Government Relations is one of the many stakeholders that provided input into the Manual.  The Ministry indicated that the concepts and ideas contained within it are consistent with the provisions in the municipal legislation, and they are confident that any community will be well served by the Recreation Board Development process. The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), the Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Professionals (S.A.R.P.), Sask Culture, Sask Sport Inc., The University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic also contributed to the development of the Manual. 

For more information or to begin the Recreation Board Development Process, contact the SPRA Field Consultant or Sport, Culture and Recreation District Staff in your area

If you do not know who your Field Consultant is, please contact:

Randy Durovick
SPRA Field Services Manager
Phone: 306-780-9217