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Participating in fitness classes is as popular as ever and today's consumer expects quality leadership. Group Exercise provides participants with the knowledge and practical skills required to lead safe, effective and motivating group exercise classes. This Certification Module is based on NFLA performance standards and guidelines.

Group Exercise Fundamentals

This is the first step in obtaining the Group Exercise Certification. This 12-hour course covers a variety of topics specific to leading group exercise classes. These include: leadership, legal responsibility and accountability, class components, music, movement and cueing, program design, safety, leadership and exercise analysis. This course must be combined with at least one specialty course. Group Exercise Fundamentals and specialty courses may be taken separately or as a combined offering.

Group Exercise Speciality Courses

Leaders must complete one or more Group Exercise Specialty Courses to fulfill the requirements of the Group Exercise Certification:

1)  Total Body Conditioning (8 hours) This practical based course includes use of portable equipment combined with cardio classes such as Bootcamp, Circuit Training, HIIT and Muscle Sculpt. *May include use of, but not limited to the following: free weights, body bars/barbells, stability balls, tubing/resist-a-bands, BOSU, and medicine balls

2)  Step & Choreography (8 hours) This practical based course specific information for planning and developing choreography and step based classes. Content includes class structure and content, planning, class components, designing combinations, use of music, leadership and choreography; movement combinations using 32 count phrasing, instruction and cueing. May include, but not limited to high, low, moderate impact, combination, dance-based classes, step, cardio kickboxing.

3)  Group Cycle (8 hours) This practical based course includes bike set-up and safety, pedaling, cadence, posture, class structure and content, music, leadership and choreography design; movement combinations, cardiovascular conditioning and cueing.

4)  Fitness Yoga – Design safe and effective yoga including breathing techniques, strength and overall fitness. The Fitness Yoga will be granted upon completion of an approved yoga teacher training course.

Upcoming Courses - Group Exercise Fundamentals

Full attendance is mandatory for proper training and education

Course Name Date Location
Group Cycling Course   January 13, 2019   Regina
Group Exercise Fundamentals  February 1-2, 2019  Saskatoon
Group Cycling Course February 3, 2019 Saskatoon
Group Exercise Fundamentals and Total Body Conditioning  February 15-17, 2019  Regina
Group Exercise Fundamentals  May 3-4, 2019 Saskatoon
Group Exercise Step and Choreography May 5, 2019 Saskatoon