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What is Play Leadership? 

Play Leadership training provides Play Leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to plan and coordinate safe, accessible and fun play opportunities for children.

This 7.5 hour workshop focuses on the benefits of play for children and youth, communities and society as a whole. The training is supplemental to the HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD) workshop. All participants must have previously been trained in PHCD.

The training includes 5 modules:

  1. Working with your Community

  2. Engaging all Children

  3. Playing with Children

  4. Planning for Play

  5. Developing your Skills

Learning Objectives

After completing Play Leadership, you will: 

  • Understand what’s needed to support the goals of their community recreation program

  • Know how to coordinate safe and accessible play opportunities

  • Develop strategies to address the cultural, behavioural, physical and personal needs of children

  • Have the skills and knowledge to plan and coordinate free, creative and active play opportunities

  • Recognize and model the characteristics of a successful Play Leader

“Play Leadership was really good training session that left me with many resources to use throughout the summer program” - workshop participant

Host a Play Leadership Workshop

Play Leadership is available for in-person or virtual-live delivery. 

You can organize a Play Leadership course with these three easy steps: 

  1. Determine a date, time and location

  2. Register the course with SPRA at least a month prior to course date

  3. Order manuals at least two weeks in advance of the course.

    • Play Leadership Manual Order Form: Download (PDF)

Workshop Prices

Manual Cost

Workshop Facilitator Fee

$15 + GST

$300 + Training travel costs


Contact us for more information about hosting a Play Leadership course. 

For More Information

Looking for more information about Play Leadership? If so, please contact: 

Kelsey Michaluk


Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association
Youth Engagement Consultant
(306) 780-9219

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