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Supportive Food Environments in Saskatchewan Public Recreation Environments

There is a movement across Canada to recognize the importance of supportive food environments in public recreation facilities. The Eat Healthy, Play Healthy initiative is conducting research and producing resources to help the recreation sector build capacity to take action in Saskatchewan.  

Our food and drink choices are highly influenced by the food environment, which includes the products available, as well as, how they are placed, priced and promoted. Children and youth who are involved in sport have been found to consume more calories, fast food and sugary drinks, than those who do not participate, as the food environment in recreation settings does not always enable making the healthy choice the easiest choice (Nelson TF, Stovitz SD & Thomas, 2011).

Why it is Important?

Research and success stories have shown that people benefit when healthy food and drink choices are carefully incorporated into recreation settings. Children, youth, adults, seniors, concessionaires, vendors, facility operators and owners can all benefit from offering healthy food and drink choices.

It’s good for business. Creating healthy food environments through availability, placement, pricing and promotion of healthy choices will:

  • increase sales of healthy food and drinks;

  • protect profits, and;

  • improve the selection of healthier products from suppliers.

It’s good for health. A healthy diet will:

  • improve energy levels and performance;

  • improve concentration and focus;

  • improve productivity and reduce absenteeism;

  • reduce disease risk, and;

  • improve overall well-being.


To access Eat Healthy, Play Healthy's data, visit the University of Saskatchewan's website. Research from other provinces and territories can be found at Stay Active Eat Healthy.

Resources to Get You Started

There is a growing list of research and resources to support healthy food and drinks in recreation settings right across the provinces and more information is becoming available all the time.

  • Use the *NEW* Government of Saskatchewan’s Healthy Foods for my Recreation Setting – Nutrition Standards and Getting Started to determine healthy foods and drinks to offer in your recreation setting. Print or order your copies today.

  • Watch Eat Healthy Play Healthy: Creating Supportive Food Environments in Saskatchewan Recreation and Sport Settings - Part One (52 min.)

  • Watch Eat Healthy Play Healthy: Creating Supportive Food Environments in Saskatchewan Recreation and Sport Settings - Part Two (49 min.)

  • Post the *NEW* nutrition posters in your recreation setting. Print or order your copies today. 

  • Visit Stay Active Eat Healthy for an inventory of resources from other provinces and territories in Canada.

  • Sign up to use the Brand Name Food List. This tool can help you choose healthier food and drink products to offer in recreation settings. 

  • Encourage customers to share their ideas through the Eat Healthy, Play Healthy Customer Survey. (coming soon)

  • Connect with a Public Health Nutritionist in Saskatchewan for additional support.

Saskatchewan Success Stories

Do you have a healthy food and drink success story to share? We would like to learn what worked for your facility. It may be as simple as providing vegetables and fruit at special events.

Click here to share a success story today.

Our Partners

Eat Healthy, Play Healthy partners have a vested interest in supporting the health of families living in Saskatchewan. They include the: 

  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada;

  • Government of Saskatchewan;

  • University of Saskatchewan;

  • Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association;

  • Saskatchewan Health Authority; and,

  • Public Health Nutritionists of Saskatchewan.

Eat Healthy, Play Healthy looks forward to engaging other partners as this initiative grows. 

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