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DIRECTION is the official news magazine of the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association. 

Publisher's Note

For over 10 years, DIRECTION Magazine has been the official magazine of the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, and a primary source for news and emerging trends in our province’s recreation industry. Putting together a magazine is no easy feat, and we are proud of what we have accomplished and the stories we have been able to share over the past decade. Stories of communities coming together, individuals making a difference, and parks and recreation making life better for the people of our province.  

DIRECTION is on indefinite hiatus, and will no longer be published on a regular schedule for the foreseeable future. We are still very interested in telling your stories and sharing your successes with a wider audience, and we are continuing to share stories and connect with readers on our Blog, in our Parks and Recreation Connection newsletter, and on social media. We welcome your contributions to our Blog, and would love to continue highlighting the incredible impacts that parks and recreation have in our communities.  

Thank you for your readership and support of DIRECTION Magazine.

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You can revisit past issues of DIRECTION Magazine by viewing our Stack on Issuu. This archive can be accessed free of charge and no account is necessary.

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If you would like to contribute stories to our Blog, newsletter, or social media, reach out to us with your ideas by contacting:

Christian Bates-Hardy
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For more information about DIRECTION, contact:

Christian Bates-Hardy
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