Empowering and Inspiring with Fitness Leadership

Donna Lee Flowerday has been a SPRA Fitness Leader since 2016.  She holds her fitness classes at a local gym in Carrot River, SK where she teaches spin, core on the floor and upper body weights.

Donna Lee Flowerday, SPRA Fitness LeaderAccording to Donna Lee, she had been in LOVE with fitness for about 10 years and decided to become a Fitness Leader to inspire and motivate other women.

“I wanted to help others enjoy an active lifestyle and show them that exercise can be fun and attainable. You know, that HAPPY feeling experienced after a good sweat session is so empowering and I wanted to be able to help others experience that feeling. Growing up in a small rural community, access to group fitness classes was very minimal. I was so excited to bring spin into our little town because I knew it would be for everybody.”

Donna Lee’s students reiterate her passion for empowerment:

“I just love Donna Lee’s class so much! It has helped me in so many ways. I used to suffer from really bad anxiety before I started spin. I tried other exercise classes but nothing could get me out of my own head but some how spin did!! I love how it challenges me every time and it doesn’t get easier and I never get bored of it. Seeing everything tighten up is also a huge bonus. Thanks so much for bringing this opportunity to small town Carrot River and for being such an encouraging, supportive coach!”

Donna Lee is a strong advocate for healthy active lifestyles in her community, saying:

“Fitness Leaders are able to share their passion and love of fitness to all and continue the ripple effect to help each other be more active, enjoy exercise and connect their mind and body to thrive in living a healthy lifestyle.  We are empowering and inspiring others to get up and get moving. Seeing the change and commitment from my clients, I love when I see their faces light up as they accomplish their goals.”

Donna Lee credits SPRA with being a great help providing variety to her fitness classes and says that SPRA truly has something for everybody. 


For more information on how to become a SPRA Fitness Leader check out www.spra.sk.ca/fitness or contact Wendy McKellar, SPRA Consultant - Fitness and Physical Activity, at wmckellar@spra.sk.ca.