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When you join SPRA, you become an Active member of the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Infrastructure representing 700,000 residents province wide. We provide our members with a provincial voice, allowing them to promote and facilitate parks, recreation and leisure opportunities throughout Saskatchewan.

Through membership, you can be part of that voice!

We have three membership types (Active, Associate, Commercial). Learn more about which membership category applies to you, and sign up for a new SPRA membership or renew your existing membership below

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Active Membership

The following categories are voting members of SPRA.

Category   Fee
Population of 50,001 and up   $240.00
Population of 25,001 to 50,000   $180.00
Population of 10,001 to 25,000   $175.00
Population of 5,001 to 10,000   $170.00
Population of 2,501 to 5,000   $170.00
Population of 1,001 to 2,500   $115.00
Population of 1 to 1,000   $50.00
Provincial Recreation Associations on the Minister's Eligibility List, Federation of Saskatchewan
Indian Nations (FSIN) and Métis Nation of Saskatchewan (MNS)
Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts   $105.00
Tribal Councils/Métis Nation of Saskatchewan (MNS) Regions   $55.00
Regional Parks and/or Urban Park Authorities   $40.00


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Associate Membership

The following categories are non-voting members of SPRA and are not eligible for SPRA Grants.

Category     Fee
Individuals interested in the objectives of the Association   $50.00
Organizations interested in the objectives of the Association   $60.00
Students of a recognized Post-Secondary Educational Institute   No charge
Federal Government, National Organizations with Departments/Branches/Operations in Saskatchewan       $110.00
Provincial Government Departments/Institutions and Crown Corporations   $110.00


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Commercial Membership

Group, individual or company that provides goods and/or services of a parks and recreation nature.
Fee: $550.00

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Fitness Leadership Certification

SPRA Fitness Leadership Certification gives Fitness Leaders national recognition through the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA) and the qualifications and recognition to instruct across Canada.

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