7 Ways to Engage your Community

 “Communities in Bloom is the idea of everyone in the community working together toward the common goal of making their hometown more beautiful.”  We hope you are just as excited as we are to kick off for the 2015 Communities in Bloom season!

Here are 7 ideas from local Communities in Bloom committees to help get people involved with the program:

1. Offer discount coupons for local landfills.

2. Host a community garage sale to encourage reuse of items.

3. Develop a community garden or orchard.

4. Coordinate a seasonal event, like a festival of lights during the holiday season.

5. Get local businesses involved with a storefront competition.

6. Plan a community clean-up day.

7. Partner with schools and libraries to offer gardening workshops and plant education sessions.

Community beautification is an ongoing effort. For more inspiration and ideas, search the SPRA Resource Centre’s online catalogue.

For information on how to borrow these resources, contact us today!