Fitness Friday: 5 Indoor Activity Ideas

It's colder than outer space across Saskatchewan right now, so we don't advise that you exercise outside this weekend. Instead, try being active at home with these indoor physical activity ideas.

Hear are 5 ideas you can use to stay active indoors:

1. Workout in Your Living Room

The easiest solution. Try exercising in your living room, or wherever you have enough space to stretch and work out comfortably. Use an exercise DVD if you need a guided routine, or look up exercise videos on YouTube. If you have an exercise bike, treadmill, or similar exercise equipment, working out at home should already be natural to you.

2. Lift Weights While Watching T.V.

This one is easy. Do arm curls and light weight-lifting while watching your favorite movie or T.V. show. If it won't distract you, try doing sit-ups and push-ups as well to make it a full body workout.

3. Use the Stairs

Do you have stairs in your home or apartment building? Walk or run up and down them several times. Just be sure to exercise caution while using the stairs.

4. Reorganize Your Home

Have you been meaning to reorganize your bedroom or living room? Are there boxes that need to be moved out of the basement or to the garage? Reorganizing your home can involve a lot of heavy lifting, and can provide a good workout while you're getting things done around the house.

5. Have a Dance Party

Dancing is a great way to exercise. Invite some friends over, put on your favorite music to dance to, and have a party! Love to dance but can't find anyone to dance with? Put on your favorite music and dance anyways, or search for dance lessons on YouTube and follow the instructions. There are lots of Zumba videos available for free that can keep you moving. 

Looking for more reasources to help you stay active indoors? Check out these links, or contact our Resource Centre for assistance:

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