We Have a New Batch of Take the Lead! Champions

Last weekend, SPRA hosted a Take the Lead! Leadership Coach and Trainer workshop in Regina.

The two day workshop was spent in active play, learning about youth leadership, and focusing on how to train future Youth Leaders and Leadership Coaches in our schools and communities.

Over the course of the two days, we worked through the 7 modules of Take the Lead!: 

  1. Introduction and Getting to Know Your Team

  2. Why Me? Why Not?

  3. Leadership: I Can Do It!

  4. Communication…Actions Speak Louder than Words!

  5. Keeping it Safe, Fun and Fair

  6. Okay, Now How Do I Actually Lead?

  7. Get A Plan!

These modules taught us how to help Youth Leaders build positive relationships with one another, see value in diversity and uniqueness, understand the leadership skills they possess, recognize the traits of positive leaders, communicate effectively, keep activities safe, and plan for active play.

“This was a great workshop filled with awesome ideas. I am looking forward to taking a leadership role for my students as well as my community.” - Workshop participant

We look forward to seeing how the participants are going to become champions for Take the Lead! across the province!

Our Take the Lead! Training Assistance Program is currently open to applications. Funds in the amounts of $350 or $500 are available to any school, community or organization who wants to implement the program. Check out our Take the Lead! web page for more information about the program, and to access our newly released Saskatchewan Curriculum Alignment document!