Rethinking Rec Leagues: New Ways to Get Adults Moving

Rec Leagues aren’t going to disappear any time soon, but the reality is adults are looking for fun, new activities to accommodate their busy schedules.

Here in Saskatchewan, “I'm too busy with work, school and/or household responsibilities” are the most frequently cited barriers to participation in leisure activities.

With adult participation in organized sport on the decline, it might be time to jump on board with these recent trends in adult recreation programming:

Shorten in up: Offer day passes, shorten the length of your rec league seasons or even changing 1-hour length classes to 45 minutes still gives the opportunity to be active, with just a little less commitment.

Go Old School: Our favorite childhood games like dodgeball or kickball continue to be popular. These games are low-cost, low-pressure and encourage social interaction and the spirit of play.

Sports with a Twist: Inner-tube Water Polo is a great example of adding a fun new twist on a sport. Pools in Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon are already embracing this new sport. The same goes for Bike Polo, which is becoming more and more popular in cities across Canada. Try putting your own spin on a more “traditional” sport.

Themed Races and Events: Running a 5 or 10km race isn’t everyone’s thing but themed races and events can bring in a whole new crowd. These one-day events build community and are good for our health and wellbeing.  Color Me Rad 5k’s and Dirty Donkey Mud Run’s  are trending, with some communities adding a little local flair to their events like Hillmond’s Zombie Mud Run and The A-Moose-ing Race in Moose Jaw.

Looking for more ideas on how to get people involved in community recreation? Contact us!

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