Seniors' Week Spotlight: Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism

September 29 to October 5, 2019 is Seniors' Week in Saskatchewan, and we wanted to take a moment to highlight an organization whose work contributes to the health and wellbeing of older adults in our province. 

The Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism (SSM) brings together organizations in Saskatchewan that contribute to a better quality of life for seniors in our province. 

The organization recently rebranded to the SSM in all but legal documents, and even changed their tagline from "Seniors Working Together" to "Older Adults Moving Forward. They feel that this new branding will help them connect better with communities and older adults.

We asked the SSM's Executive Director, Holly Schick, a few questions about the the work that they do, and how recreation contributes to their organization's mission. 

What does the SSM do to make recreation accessible to seniors?

  1.  Barrier Reduction - We work towards improving inclusion and access by providing recreational opportunities for older adults. For example, recreation for older French-speaking adults through the Fédération des aînés fransaskois, and Fieldhouse & Lawson Aquatic Centre fitness passes for Indigenous older adults.

  2.  Promote Active Living - We promote active living through the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association and their 55+ Games program.

  3.  Ensure Supportive Environments - We address issues of importance to older adults through collaboration with 18 member organizations (representing 100,000 older adults) to provide seniors with the best possible quality of life. 

What are some recent projects or initiatives you've been a part of that have made seniors's lives better?

  • Our Age-Friendly website has doubled in visitors since it was announced in December. 
  • We had a display at the 2019 SUMA Convention showcasing our work on reducing isolation in older adults. This lead to contacts with around 20 communities that, in partnership with the Red Cross, we are going to offer information on Age-Friendly program and the Friendly Visiting program to engage older adults in their communities.
  • We had 1656 participants at the recent Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association 55+ Games, which is 278 more than last year. 

How does the SSM benefit from Saskatchewan Lotteries funding? 

Saskatchewan Lotteries funding provides stability for Provincial Recreation Associations like us. The funding we receive helps provide recreation opportunities - whether physical, educational or social - to older adults throughout Saskatchewan. 

It allows us to collaborate with our 18 member organizations to provide seniors with the best possible quality of life. 

Thank you to Holly and the SSM for making life better for older adults in Saskatchewan!