What's New at the Resource Centre? - April 2018

We have resources for the new Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness designation of our Fitness Leadership Certification program, as well as helpful guides for yoga instructors, youth fitness and community leaders.


Yoga sequencing: designing transformative yoga classes by Mark Stephens.

Includes 67 sequences of poses designed for a range of yoga student experience and offers a comprehensive resource for designing and refining yoga classes.

ACE's guide to youth strength training written by the American Council on Exercise; presented by Wayne Westcott; produced by Healthy Learning.

An overview of the basic fundamentals involved in designing and implementing a sensible, safe, effective and time-efficient strength training program for preadolescent boys and girls.

ACE's guide to youth fitness presented by Avery Faigenbaum and Rita La Rosa Loud.

Trends in youth fitness are discussed, effective programming ideas are explored and creative youth-fitness activities are described.

Yogafit: prenatal produced by Beth Shaw.

Offers women of every fitness level a daily practice that can be enjoyed safely throughout any normal pregnancy. Strength, conditioning, and flexibility will be enhanced while common aches and pains of pregnancy may be alleviated. There is also a discussion on breath awareness and making a physical and mental connection to the baby.

Pre- and post-natal fitness: a guide for fitness professionals from the American Council on Exercise by Lenita Anthony.

Covers both personal training and group fitness classes, discusses the physiological change associated with pregnancy and explains how these changes influence the design and effectiveness of exercise programing.

Prenatal and postpartum exercise design by Catherine Cram and Gwen Hyatt.

A guide for personal trainers, group exercise instructors and fitness professionals in designing safe and appropriate exercise routines for prenatal and postnatal women.

Deepening Community : Finding Joy Together in Chaotic Times by Paul Born.

This book describes four pillars of community and shows the role each of these play.












































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