• Trivia on the Trail

    SPRA Field Consultant Dan Gallagher recently spoke with Ryan Dale, Recreation Director and Facilities Manager for the Town of Whitewood about their innovative Winter Trail Trivia program. 
  • Moosomin Invests in Quality of Life with Parks and Recreation

    The Town of Moosomin have recently invested over a million dollars in the quality of life of their community through improvements to the town's parks and recreation facilities. Continue reading to find out how!
  • Volunteer Week Spotlight: Arcola Optimist Club

    April 19-25, 2020 is National Volunteer Week. To embrace this year’s theme - “It’s time to applaud this country’s volunteers” - we'll be using our website and social networks to celebrate amazing volunteers like the subject of today's spotlight, the Arcola Optimist Club!

  • Meet Dan Gallagher, Field Consultant

    We're running a series of blog posts to RECognize our team members and the contributions they make to SPRA's success.

    In this entry, you'll meet Dan Gallagher, our Field Consultant for the South East District of Saskatchewan.