• Three Indoor Activity Resources for Kids

    Stuck inside during the deep freeze of mid-January? Is the cold weather making you and the kids around you a little stir crazy? Here are three resources to get kids moving and entertained!

  • Re-Inspire Yourself for Winter Activities

    So, I admit it, I’ve never loved skiing. But my family has done it my whole life and we’ve had something of a tradition of skiing at least one day of the holidays if we’re together. This year me and my siblings did something that really renewed the experience for us – we took my niece skiing with us.

  • Resources for Inclusive Play

    We believe everyone should have the opportunity to play! With October being Inclusion month, here are 3 resources to inspire and support welcoming and inclusive recreation.

  • Back to School Resources

    It's that time of year - Back to School! For those of you who work with school children - or even those who don't - here's a selection of our new resources available free to borrow from anywhere in Saskatchewan.

  • Tips & Tricks from the 2019 Symposium Best Practices Contest

    Straight from you and your colleagues in Recreation, here are 5 practical tricks of the trade:

  • Recreation News Roundup - November 2018

    'Tis the season for funding, planning and winter openings...

  • Active In Minutes

  • The Best Gift - Active Experiences