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About SPRA Exercise Theory

Exercise Theory is a prerequisite to all Certification modules and must be completed prior to taking any of the specialty modules. 

This course will give you the knowledge to proceed to the Certification Modules. You will learn the basic theory behind fitness classes including, leadership, health and fitness, anatomy, physiology, applied mechanics, principles of training, workout design and basic nutrition. 

There are three ways to learn the Exercise Theory Course knowledge required to write the NFLA Theory exam:

  1. Take an Exercise Theory Course with an SPRA Course Conductor
    This 24-hour course covers the basic principles of anatomy and physiology as well as a variety of activity experiences. The NFLA exam must be written within 6 months of taking the Exercise Theory Course. A passing grade of 80% or higher is required. A supplemental exam for participants who fail to pass the exam on the first attempt can be written within a 1-year period.

  2. Challenge the NFLA Exercise Theory Exam 
    Anyone can challenge the NFLA theory exam, without taking a workshop. The cost to challenge the exam is $75.00, (plus GST) and a passing grade of 80% or higher is required. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the challenger may attempt a supplemental exam, but if the second attempt is unsuccessful, the challenger will be required to take the SPRA Exercise Theory Course. The exam challenge can be arranged by calling the SPRA office toll free at 1-800-563-2555. 

  3. Home Study Programs
    The Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES) offer home study courses in Fitness Knowledge. Register for this course through CFES. Once you have completed a CFES Fitness Knowledge course, you are required to write NFLA exam with SPRA. The cost of the exam is $75.00 (plus GST)and a passing grade of 80% or higher is required.  A supplemental exam for participants who fail to pass the exam on the first attempt can be written within a 1-year period. 

 If one of these three options is not applicable to you, call the Fitness Division at 1-800-563-2555 to make other arrangements.   
 Visit this page for information and resources to help you study for the Exercise Theory exam. 

Exercise Theory Study Guide

An Exercise Theory Study Guide is available for purchase from SPRA.  This study guide is based on the Exercise Theory Performance Standards and required knowledge as outlined by the National Fitness Alliance (NFLA). This is a full color, 132 page guide corresponding with the Exercise Theory Manual utilized in the course. It Includes short answer, fill in the blank, matching and common stretches and resistance exercises to enhance your learning.
Cost: $35 + GST.    
To Purchase: please call SPRA toll-free at 1-800-563-2555.  This guide may also be borrowed from the SPRA Resource Centre

Upcoming Courses 

Full attendance is mandatory for proper training and education. 

Exercise Theory May 3-5, 2019 Humboldt
Exercise Theory September 12-15, 2019 Regina
Exercise Theory September 13-14, 20-21, 2019 Saskatoon