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Liability insurance is essential protection should someone claim that an injury or damage to them or their property was caused by your negligence, mistake or oversight. Liability coverage helps you with the cost of defending and settling such a claim.

Each Certified Fitness Leader (Group Fitness, Aquatic Fitness, Fitness Yoga) that obtains SPRA Registration automatically receives $2 million in Commercial General Liability insurance coverage and covers third Party bodily injury or property damage caused by your work as a SPRA Fitness Leader.  The policy also provides a $1,000 limit per person for medical expenses, which include immediate expenses such as the cost of an ambulance or immediate care of an injury. The insurance provider is HUB International TOS Limited.

This program ensures that you have adequate insurance coverage as long as you are:

  • currently registered with SPRA and all credentials are up to date
  • working within your Scope of Practice
  • working at locations within Canada
  • not performing services within your home (note: additional online insurance coverage can be purchased - see Insurance Coverage for Online Training below)

Remember that it is your responsibility to keep your SPRA Registration and your CPR/First Aid certification valid. Please Note: Once any of these expire, you are no longer covered under the SPRA insurance program.

Download and print a copy of the 2021 Confirmation of Insurance certificate here

Policy effective Dec 31, 2020 to Dec 31, 2021.

Insurance Coverage for Online Classes (Optional):

The above program does not automatically include coverage for online classes - you must purchase separate insurance. At cost of $15 for the year, insurance coverage for online fitness classes will be processed through SPRA rather than through HUB International Insurance and can be purchased at any time during the year.

Online training may include pre-recorded classes and does not need 2-way communication; however, a disclaimer is required. If you purchase the online coverage and you decide to use something other than 2-way communication (like Zoom or Skype) or have pre-recorded classes, this legal disclaimer must be shown before the class starts.

Download the Legal Disclaimer here.

Please ensure you have read the full terms and conditions for this insurance here.

You also must agree to follow the online training terms and conditions as detailed on this document: Online Training National Fitness FAQ.




For more information, or to print a copy of your insurance certificate, visit HUB International’s website .

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